Dave Grohl is Actually Chad Kroeger

by gournalist

chad dave

In a surprising turn of events, Dave Grohl has announced that he is actually Chad Kroeger, front man of the wildly ridiculed band, Nickelback.

It turns out that everyone’s favourite rock star is also one of music’s most hated front men as well

“I’m telling everyone this now because the joke band is actually Foo Fighters and people just started hating on Nickelback for some reason. I guess it shows who the true music fans really are,” Grohl told The Gournalist.

According to Grohl, Foo Fighters weren’t to be taken seriously at all. All of Grohl’s efforts went to what he considered his most artistic endeavour ever, Nickelback.

“The Foo Fighters is actually a parody band of Nickelback and people just didn’t get it. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that their taste in music was appalling. I can’t believe no one picked up on the similarities. I mean both bands basically pump out the same rocking anthems in different ways.”

Grohl still plans on fronting both bands because money.