Shark Viciously Attacked On Land While Going For Casual Stroll

by gournalist


Yesterday, local Great White, Bruce, swam out onto the beach of Surfers Paradise and was viciously attacked by some human people.

The Gournalist was lucky enough to get an interview with Bruce about the attack. “I jumped up on land and was appreciating the oxygen like most sharks do on land, when a couple of humans jumped me. I was lucky to only have my fin and tail mauled. Humans are so territorial,” he said.

It’s been known that human people mistake sharks as baby seals and their natural instinct is to attack and kill.

Bruce has told The Gournalist that he’ll be rounding up the local shark council to see if they can approve a human culling so their walks on land are much safer.

“If we kill some of the humans in the place they live it will be safer for us to go on land without fear of being mauled.”

We’ve been told that humans should watch out for vigilante sharks in the water taking matters into their own mouths.

*Image Courtesy of criminalatt