Satirical news-article taken seriously on Facebook


A satirical news article has been taken seriously by Facebook user and amateur dancer Mary Kay, 28.

The incident occurred late last Thursday when Kay was alerted to the aforementioned article by her Facebook news-feed. She posted a comment confirming her confusion.

“I didn’t even read the article! I just looked at the headline. I wish I could turn back time and do it all again,” a distraught Kay told The Gournalist yesterday.

Since the comment, which has been ‘liked’ by over twenty people, Kay has been the victim of physical taunting, online taunting, and threats of additional and more inventive forms of taunting.

“I just want it all to go away. It was one foolish mistake. I beg of you. Have some compassion and please don’t print this.”

Rick Flash, 22, was online when the comment was first posted. He was the first eyewitness to the scene.

“Yeah, I’ve ben sex taunting her,” said Flash. “Even a bit of soul taunting. But, Jesus H. Christ, learn to fucking read, right?”

Tracey Boo, 12, one of the most vocal defenders of the comment has already started a fund to raise money for greater awareness to satire.

“This happened to Mary, but it could happen to anyone,” says Boo. ‘It’s just that satire is far too subtle these days and no one has time to read beyond the headlines. This is 2014, for Cyrus sake.”

Despite efforts to save face, Kay is facing the fact she may never be able to show her face on Facebook again.

Rick Flash will stand trial later this week.

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