Local man disappointed to find all women are naked under their clothes.

by gournalist


Local Brisbane man, Dennis Harrington, was disappointed to find that most women when they’re not clothed are naked just like he expected.

This realisation came to him when a close friend of his contacted him after naked photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence were posted online.

Harrington’s friend, Tom Peepington, noted that the photos were, “hot, sexy, and very naked.”

Harrington decided to see what all the fuss was about and was highly disappointed when he saw like every other nude person—woman or man—that Lawrence was just as disappointingly naked like everyone else.

“I was expecting something exciting and original, maybe a little unusual, but I was left disappointed, like the title of this article suggests. I could have typed in ‘nude person’ into Google and got the same result,” Harrington told The Gournalist.

We asked about whether or not this issue was a sex crime or just a disregard of personal technology when considering phone hacking, Harrington replied, “The real crime here is that people still get excited over naked people. I mean we’re all naked under our clothes anyway.”

Mr Harrington did the whole interview in the comfort of his own nakedness.


*Image courtesy of stockimages at freedigitalphotos.net