Local brutally murdered man charged with obstructing eight warning shots.

by gournalist


Local dead man, Marlow Owen, was charged yesterday after obstructing eight warning shots fired by police in Stafford, just outside of Brisbane.

Owen, after robbing a service station, was approached by police after they received a stress call from service station attendant, Gary Jenkins.

After provoking police with a Redskin, which he had stolen, police fired eight warning shots.

Owen, who happened to be in the line of fire, received all eight bullets in the face.

“I acted swiftly and justly. I have a wife and two children. Owen was an unstable character and if I hadn’t fired the standard eight warning shots, who would’ve known what could have happened,” said Constable Greg Caveney.

Owen has been arrested and charged with robbery, possession of dangerous weapon, and obstructing eight warning shots.

Owen will stand trial later in the week and could possibly serve up to seven years imprisonment without parole.


*Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at freedigitalphotos.net