Ice bucket challenge spawns a new challenge to raise awareness for smoking-related cancer.

by gournalist


The purpose of the ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and the stunt has gone viral on the internet where even celebrities are getting in on it.

There has been some doubt on whether or not the ice bucket challenge is useless and an out-right joke, but the fact that it is raising awareness can be seen as a positive outcome.

Because of its popularity, the Australian government has created a new challenge to raise awareness for smoking-related cancer, in hopes of increasing donations for research. The challenge is called the ‘five-pack-a-day smoking challenge.’

To partake in the challenge the challenger must smoke five packets of cigarettes within half an hour. The aim is for a non-smoker to realise the effort it takes for one to smoke so many cigarettes and, with any luck, generate some sympathy for smokers who put a lot of effort in doing what they do.

Other efforts are being made to raise awareness for other illnesses, diseases, and anything in general, but some have not been so successful. The ‘fire bucket challenge’ to raise awareness for head lice has already taken 48 lives. The challenge is similar in that the challenger empties a bucket-load of fire onto their head in the hope to clear the infestation of head lice.


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