University students say sex is boring when you’re sober

by gournalist


A new survey has shown that most university students engage in sexual intercourse while under the heavy influence of alcohol.

This new study, conducted on 40 students, both male and female, shows that when students are engaging in sexual intercourse they prefer to do it while drunk

Daniel Morgan told The Gournalist, “It’s better if you’re both drunk, because if you under perform it’s a lot easier to blame the booze rather than your lack of experience.”

Another student, Alana Harrison, told The Gournalist, “Sex is so boring when you’re sober. Everything is a lot more intense and sometimes you don’t want it to be. Having eight of nine drinks before sex makes it more fun and you’re both more willing to, you know, go down on each other.”

The information gathered from the recent survey shows that a lot of male university students suffer from erectile dysfunction, most likely caused by the constant consumption of excessive alcohol.

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