Forty Seven year old man completes lifelong dream of catching every single Pokémon on Gameboy

by gournalist


Brisbane man, Geoff Stevens, has become the first person in history to catch and retain every single Pokémon available in the franchise’s six generations of games.

“It’s truly amazing,” he said. “People laughed at me when I told them I wanted to catch ‘em all.”

After thirteen years of playing Pokémon, Stevens caught the elusive Zubat to bring his combined total to 719. A feat unachieved by anyone to date.

Pokémon officials arrived from Japan shortly after the final catch to scan all 478 active ‘PC Boxes’ before the record was officially confirmed.

Pokémon fan, Naruto Yugi-oh, proclaimed him to be an international hero. “No one has ever done this before. He is an inspiration to the world.”

In 1998, Stevens purchased Pokémon: Blue Version with a Gameboy for his son, unaware it would irrevocably change his life forever.

“I just wanted to try it to see that it was okay for the young kid to play before I gave it to him. When I caught my first Pokémon, a Weedle Man, the rush I felt when the tiny Pokéball sealed shut was fantastic. It was better than sex.”

Stevens’ son Sammy never got his Gameboy that Christmas. “He never let me play it. If I did he’d ground me and make me look up Pokémon cheats on the computer or I wouldn’t get any dinner,” Sammy told The Gournalist.

Stevens’ rise to fame and glory wasn’t all smooth surfing. Midway through the second-generation game, Pokémon: Silver, his wife and children left him.

Two years later, during Stevens’ Pokémon: Ruby campaign, he was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his thumbs forcing him to retire from the game for eight months.

In spite of all this he kept going like a true master. Even the repossession of his home late last year couldn’t stop his insatiable hunger for more and more Pokémon.

“There were some setbacks, but it’s all been worth it. I could’ve given up when my family and friends left me, but now I’m a Pokémon Master, so all that doesn’t matter now.

Stevens is now expected to fly to Japan where he will be inducted as an honorary citizen and showcase his prized and unique collection of Pokémon.