Australians sick of riding kangaroos to work stereotype, start riding kangaroos to work.

by gournalist


Local Australian, Barry Fisher, has decided to purchase a 2013 model kangaroo to ride to work, because is so fed up with the stereotype of the average Australian riding kangaroos to work.

It is a common question asked by Americans if you’re from Australia: ‘Oh, you’re from Australia? Do you ride a kangaroo to work?’

Fisher, who occasionally visits America, has been asked this question at least ten times, and rather than deny riding a kangaroo to work, he’s embraced it

Fisher stated, “It seems they never learn. So why keep trying to correct them? I figured if I just did it, then it would be an easier conversation. When they ask me if I ride a kangaroo to work, I can just say, yes I do. It’s fuel efficient, reliable, and packs a lot of grunt.

This has started a trend and more and more Australians are opting for a kangaroo over a car, public transport, or walking.


*Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn /