Starving Police Dog sniffs out missing baby, devours it shortly afterwards.

by gournalist


In a tragic case of ‘easy come, easy go’, a baby who went missing several days ago was found alive and well in an abandoned house, until it was savagely eaten only minutes after by the police dog that found her.

The baby was allegedly kidnapped on Tuesday by known paedophile, Jimmy Cable, who took it back to his bushland hideout. Cable was viciously mauled and killed outside of his property by the dog, but police weren’t too fussed by the attack.

It was revealed that Jaws the police dog hadn’t been fed that morning ,which may have motivated the feeding frenzy.  

“I knew I’d forgotten to do something that day,” said Constable Peter Clueless. “When I gave him the sample of the baby’s clothing for a sniff he started going crazy. I could barely keep him on the leash, and when he ate that pedo’s face off I thought, wow, he really is hungry today”.

“It had only really dawned on me that I forgot to feed him when I saw he had the baby in his mouth.”

“I turned round to see the other officers laughing at me and thought to myself, it’s just one of those days.”

When quizzed whether the situation could have been avoided, Clueless responded, “well, in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have let the dog sniff the only piece of the baby’s clothing that was covered in sausage meat, but you live and you learn.”

Jaws the dog is to be put down next week, but not before a last supper of convicted necrophiliacs.

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