New edition of the Holy Bible – now with ‘Choose your own Adventure.’

by gournalist


Because of the falling number in sales, the Holy Bible has been rewritten entirely in second person with the option of choosing your own adventure.

Several key authors were apart of the process, including: Dan Brown, R.L. Stein, R. A. Montgomery, and Stephen King.

The new edition is titled Holy Bible: Choose Your Own Adventure and will allow new and old readers alike to engage in riveting tales of love, horror, philosophy, Dan Brown-esque historical fact, and man exciting adventures that you could never dream of.

The Holy Bible: Choose Your Own Adventure teaches readers about love, friendship, and understanding, but it seems that no matter what adventure you choose, the end result is always Hell.

Gary Bishop of Brisbane Book Reviews stated, “after being totally engrossed in the book for 14 days straight and making sure I chose each adventure carefully, I’d always end up in hell. It seems that no matter what you do, regardless of whether you’re a good Christian or not, you’ll inevitably end up in Hell. Apart from that depressing realisation, it was brilliant.”

The Holy Bible: Choose Your Own Adventure has surpassed sales of the all the traditional editions and has sold over 600 trillion copies.

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