Athletes Shockingly Ignore Drunken Punters’ Advice

by gournalist


In what has been described as the most dumbfounding moment in sporting history, several players from the Gold Coast Bouncers Rugby Club chose to ignore the advice of an alcoholic supporter during a match against the Sydney Pushers last night.

“He was just telling me to run wide the whole game. I was playing on the wing I couldn’t run any wider,” said winger Mitchell O’Connor.

“He told me I was a fuckup because I missed a tackle. How is that even advice?” said forward Cooper Beale.

The tactical mastermind at the centre of the scandal, Barry ‘Slammin’ Tinnies, was too hungover to comment on the issue this morning but his lawyer claimed he would be pressing charges.

The head coach of the Bouncers has since been stood down and replaced with Tinnies for the remainder of the season.

*Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /