Blues guitarist complains of being happy

by gournalist



Critics this week have universally panned the latest offering from self-proclaimed happy blues guitarist, Feet-knuckle Pete.

The album Yay!!!!!!!!! and in particular its opening song, Life’s not too bad you know? drew a negative response of critic Sebastian Martin who wrote, ‘The purpose of art is not to uplift or bring joy, the purpose of art is to help people feel bad for themselves. My life is so fine. I have a wife who still looks alright. I have a kid that’s not too shit. I don’t want to have to turn on the radio and listen to music that enforces this point of view. I want my music to make me feel like a grumpy child. I want my music to cause me to go into the bedroom, throw the doona off my wife, and storm out without a word.’

Feet-knuckle Pete has consistently failed to match the early success of his debut record, Feeling a bit upset about my cat dying, and has since blamed its success for his current problems.

‘That record brought me so much money. I have like, four girlfriends, no five sorry. I have five girlfriends and money now. I tried breaking up with one of the girls for a week just so I’d have something to write about but then all my new friends came around and comforted me.’

Fans of Feet-knuckle Pete will recognise this anecdote as the inspiration for the track, My friends are nice and I like them a lot, especially Luke.

The album can be streamed on Spotify and tickets are still available to Feet-knuckle Pete’s stadium tour, Let’s hang out and talk about what’s good yeah through Ticketek.


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