After giving time, Mr. Wolf assaulted by pack of Brisbane children

by gournalist


Early reports indicate local businessman, Mr. Wolf was on his way home from work when a group of children stopped him and asked for the time.

Despite running late for a dinner with his wife, and despite seeing that all the children were all carrying iPhones, Mr. Wolf produced his pocket watch and told the children, ‘It’s 7:16.’ He then turned and hurried down the train platform.

As he was leaving the station he heard another child squeal behind him, ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ Thinking perhaps this child wasn’t with the others Mr. Wolf again produced his pocket watch and said, ‘It’s 7.17. You really should be at home, darling.’

Mr. Wolf, who, according to a family friend, has to catch a train and a bus each evening, was waiting at the stop on Milton Rd when another child asked, ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’

Angrily, Mr. Wolf turned on the child and said, ‘That’s quite enough, thank you.’ The child then withdrew a cattle prod from a friend’s backpack and sparked Mr. Wolf on the left calf.

Unfortunately for Mr. Wolf it was some time before anyone driving by stopped.

Eventually a truck driver who has asked to remain nameless pulled up and shooed the children away.

Mr. Wolf is in critical condition with a collapsed lung and severe internal hemorrhaging at The Wesley Hospital.

Police are calling for witnesses. In a statement this morning, Mr. Wolf’s wife said that aside from Mr. Wolf’s health, she was also praying for the safe return of the pocket watch, which was apparently a family heirloom.


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