Tony Abbott ‘unapologises’ to indigenous people and pushes to reinstate the White Australia Policy.

by gournalist


Tony Abbott, has told The Gournalist that he has been waiting for the day ever since Kevin Rudd stood in front of Australia and apoligised to the indigenous peoples of Australia, to take back that apology, or as he so put it, ‘unapologise’.

Sources have told The Gournalist that Abbott’s “To-Do List” included taking back Rudd’s apology as he sees it as a weak attempt for the idea of a forward thinking country.

After Abbott ‘unapologised’ he went ahead and apologised to white Australians who were burdened with all the guilt of their forefathers.

White Australian, Barry Reed, spoke to The Gournalist, “It ain’t our bloody faults is it? I mean, it was me great uncle or great-great-grand papi that did this and they trying to make us feel bad? We have enough trouble as it is being a hard-working Aussie blokes coming straight from privilege to have to do anything or think about anything. I just wanna watch the bloody footy without having to do any thinking.”

Abbott is now pushing to reinstate the White Australia Policy and quoted past Prime Minister, John Curtin, verbatim, “this country shall remain forever the home of the descendants of those people who came here in peace in order to establish in the South Seas an outpost of the British race.