University student decides to listen in lecture

by gournalist


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John Smith, a student from the Queensland University of Technology, decided to attend a lecture and actually take notes and listen for one of the subjects that he has enrolled in.

When asked why he put so much effort in to attending a class, Smith replied, “I figured, I’m paying for the course, I might as well attend.”

His attitude towards wanting to learn has caused a mass movement in students attending lectures and being attentive, which has put a lot pressure on lecturers.

When asked about the sudden change, Dr Grayling told Gournalist, “I’ve been overwhelmed by the attendance of the students and there are so many genuinely attentive eyes looking up at me.”

“In all my years as a lecturer, this is completely new to me, and I’m not alone in this. The other lecturers feel the same way too,” Grayling stated.

John Smith is said to be an inspiration to some people with his ability to pay attention for more then 5 minutes without checking Facebook or Twitter.

Dr Grayling said, “This will affect society, because people might be articulate enough to discuss topics with one another. It will take a lot of time for the older generations to get used to seeing and hearing the younger generation discuss various topics while maintaining eye contact.”

As for the university, they will have to re-train the majority of lecturers in preparation for the onslaught of questions relating to the subject they are teaching.