Brisbane man is happy with his penis size.

by gournalist

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Richard Rolands, a 24-year old man from Brisbane claims to be happy with the size of his penis. He told The Gournalist yesterday that men should be okay with having an average sized penis.

“My friends always talk about how big their penises are and how much women like them. I was confident enough to tell my friends that I had an average sized one and that the women I’ve been with didn’t mind,” Rolands said.

After spending half an hour in a bar drinking with his friends, Rolands noticed that everyone was competing on size. “It seemed that penis size was related to masculinity,” Rolands said.

“After I told them that my penis was of average length and not over 18 inches, my friends laughed and told me I had no chance of getting laid.”

“It’s an odd thing,” Rolands said, “It must be an insecurity thing or something.”

Shortly after, several women who had overheard Rolands, told him, “Size does matter little one. It’s all about size, not about how you use it.”

Rolands, since that incident, has now had trouble getting laid and is now seeking out penile augmentation surgery.