Stage performers from musical ‘Cats’ attacked by pack of dogs

by gournalist

ImageLogo courtesy of RUG Ltd.

Two talented performers from the musical ‘Cats’ were viciously attacked by a wild pack of dogs yesterday in Brisbane, leaving one seriously injured and recovering in hospital.

Minutes after finishing a show, Frank Garfield and Jake Norris went for a leisurely cigarette in the alley behind the theater while dressed in their feline costumes when the incident occurred.

It is believed the dogs mistook the performers for actual cats.

“I just heard this barking from the distance and thought nothing of it. And then these dogs burst out from the shadows and started chasing us. I managed to scamper up a tree and get rescued by some fireman in a fire truck. But Mr Mistoffelees wasn’t so lucky.” Said Frank Garfield who played Munkustrap.

Jake Norris, who plays Mr Mistoffelees, was horribly savaged by the belligerent hounds when he tripped during an attempted escape.

Witnesses say he was grabbed by the dogs and “thrown around like a chew toy” and that “if cats had nine lives he wouldn’t have any left after that.”

He was brought to Mater Hospital and underwent immediate surgery. He is now in a serious but stable condition. 

Doctor Frazer of the hospital said “He sustained some very serious injuries but he should be able to perform again soon. It is imperative he keeps eating his Whiskas dry food so that he gets his energy up.”

The chief makeup artist, Libby Snowball, has been blamed for the attack after she made the actors appear “too lifelike”. She has since been taken into custody.