Brisbane man strategically places condoms around house to bait women to sleep with him.

by gournalist


Randy Sherman, a local Brisbane man, has come up with a foolproof plan to get himself laid and has claimed that it should have a 100% success rate.

In an attempt to break his five-year long dry spell, Sherman has tried everything from reading ‘How To Pick Up Women’ self-help books to the up front approach of proposing sexual intercourse to women in clubs.

‘I’ve tried everything,’ Sherman told The Gournalist. ‘Nothing has worked, but then I had an epiphany one night, while I was alone with myself. What’s the one thing that when seen, automatically puts the act of sex in one’s head? Condoms!

Sherman told The Gournalist that condoms are the only thing that when mentioned to a girl forces them to think of sex.

Sherman has placed condoms around his house in easy-to-view places to make sure that whoever is around will see it and want to have sex with him. He has also stitched condoms on some of his clothes in the hope it will get him laid and make him a “trendy hipster”.