UFC takes it to the next level.

by gournalist


The UFC has taken their competition to the next level and brought in a new event: The Death Match. Fighters who compete in the UFC enter are expected to murder their opponent in a ‘fight for ratings’.

“I just think the UFC is losing its impact,’ said one viewer. “I’m so desensitised to the boring, brutalising beatings that I want more, and now that they have introduced the Death Match, I think I’ll be back on board and watch it more regularly.

Fighters are matched up in weight and skill and are locked in a cage until one or both of them are dead. They have a wide selection of killing implements from your average hammer that you can get at a hardware store to a medieval mace.

Fighters usually enter the ring thinking that they are competing in a regular UFC match and don’t realise they are in a Death Match until a solid, steel cage drops around the ring.

“This is to attract more viewers who love to see the fear in the fighter’s eyes when they enter the ring and see a cage imprison them,” Lorenzo Fertitta, CEO and chairman of the UFC told the Gournalist last week. “If fighters refuse to participate, members of the crowd who have bought VIP tickets are given handguns, sniper rifles, and hand grenades to kill the competitors to get the most visceral experience possible.”

Fertitta stated that, “this is a new step in UFC and for all sports around the world. Our audience was getting too bored with the regular fights and resorting to violence on the streets, but with this new Death Match, we can keep their urges for blood thirst contained. The streets will finally be safe.”