Chris Brown says he’s only expressing himself

by gournalist

Chris Brown has landed in hot water again after allegedly assaulting a man outside a hotel in Washington DC.

Sources have told The Gournalist that Brown is in an experimental phase in his career and instead of expressing himself through song and dance, he’s expressing himself through the art of senseless violence.

Brown’s career has been a colourful one with many great hits, most notably, Rihanna.

Brown was still behind bars when interviewed yesterday and stated, “Art is all about the expression of one’s soul, man. I’m an artist and I know a lot of other artists would agree with me on this. What I did to that guy and to Rihanna was just art – my own way of expressing myself. Art is subjective and if you don’t appreciate it or understand it, then it’s obviously not for you.”

Brown is said to release a new concept/experimental album called Layin’ Da Beat Down. It has been said that it’s 78 minutes of Brown and his bodyguards beating people up all over America with a fat bass track.