Man gets recognised from personalised number plate

by gournalist

Steve Richards received a text-message from a friend telling him that they recognized his personalized number plate last Saturday.

The friend was parked behind his car in a traffic jam on the Bruce Highway, when they established the car belonged to Steve.

“Hey Steve, it took me ages to figure out what it meant, but I eventually got it and knew it had to be you,” wrote the friend.

Steve felt elated that someone had finally noticed his number plate 573VEE, whose letter and number combination took him months of pondering.

“I’m glad the $400 wasn’t a waste after all” he said.

He went on to say that he had to sell his favourite “electronic salt and pepper shakers” and his “plastic ball to dog throwing machine” to pay for the plates, but that it was now “worth it.”

Steve, recovering from a childhood addiction to skill-testing machines and his subsequent alcoholism, has said that he will continue to drive, hoping that more people will notice.