‘Survivor: Christmas Island’ flops with viewers

by gournalist

ID-100197631Photo courtesy of winnond / freedigitalphotos.net


Survivor: Christmas Island, the latest reality TV show to hit Australian screens has flopped miserably with Channel 6 and they are already willing to replace it with I’m an Asylum Seeker get me out of here: Nauru.

S:CI places hundreds of asylum seekers in horrendous, jail-like living conditions with the prospect of one day reaching Australian shores. However, this show differentiates from most reality programs in that the end prize isn’t actually attainable and that there is no week by week eviction. The producers decided that a ‘last man standing’ approach to evicting housemates would be more intriguing.

The majority of viewers were reportedly disgusted that the show forced them to evaluate their right to freedom based on their origin of birth rather than the extreme brutality and malnourishment endured by the contestants.

80% of viewers preferred the mindlessness of Big Brother because they didn’t have to deal with anything slightly thought provoking in the process of watching it.

“I just like escaping my pathetic life for an hour a day,” said one viewer. “It’s either this or acid.”

Another barely coherent viewer said “Thinking = bad, Big Brother = good.”